You will to have a salt room?

Why Daco Salt?

You will have a salt room relevant to your business with the best quality and the most reasonable price.
Everything you need to know about salt room and salt therapy
5-year guarantee and 10 years after sale-services
Design and Build

Salt Room

  • Design and build every kind of salt rooms
  • Salt caves
  • Halotherapy clinics
  • 10 years of professional experience in constructing salt rooms
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Best quality and most reasonable price
Production and distribution center

Salt room equipment

  • The pioneer of producing salt break
  • The only producer of standard salt glue
  • Design and produce halogenerators
  • Salt beds
  • Salt massage equipment
  • Training to build your salt room yourself


  • Free consulting about salt room and salt therapy
  • Visiting project site
  • Franchise
  • Training
  • Fundamentals of salt therapy
Daco Salt Room is the ultimate solution

Why you should add a salt room to your business?

Salt room is a competitive advantage for your business.
According to statistics, using salt room is going to be a trend among health and beauty methods and centers.
It is estimated that more than 80% of spas will have a salt room by 2025.
اتاق نمک داکو سالت راه‌حل نهایی

All kinds of salt room

The most common designs of salt rooms are: salt cave, salt room with salt breaks, salt room with salt powder and a combination of these and other materials.
Hotels, poles, beauty centers and clinics, massage and spas, sports complexes and yoga studios can have a salt room as an advantage of their business.
To choose a salt room design, just contact us and ask our experts.

Price guide and analyzing

The factors affecting the final cost of designing and building a salt room are: the area, method of construction and the application of the salt room and your business.
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For more information and complete guidance contact us.

Steps to have a salt room:

Needs assessment

Is salt room relevant to your business? What kind of salt room is proper for you?

Cost estimation

A salt room can cost between 5 to 50 million tomans. You can have a salt room proper to your business and the area you consider turning into a salt room

Visit the project site

Our experts will visit your place to check out all the aspects. Then according to your budget, the best design and materials will suggest to you. Just contact us.


A salt room is not just a room covered by salt! Like any other architectural construction, it needs to be designed and computed due to reduce costs.


According to the detailed design, your desired salt room will be constructed within the shortest time possible. You can have your salt room designed and constructed by Daco Salt Group or ask us to train you and build the salt room yourself.


The salt rooms constructed by Daco Salt Group are all guaranteed and supported.

    About Daco

    • Daco a knowledge-based holding, is the pioneer of salt therapy in Iran and the only professional center of business developmet, designing and constructing salt rooms.
    • Daco Salt Factory is the only mechanized factory producing salt breaks and salt lamps and decorations in Iran.
    • Our customers are among the most known businesses and holdings: Parsian Hotels Group, Azadi Sports Complex and Kowsar Hotels Group.

    Some of our services

    • The most optimized salt room, financially and qualitatively.
    • Design and construct any kind of salty businesses such as salty hotels, salty saunas and salt rooms and salt caves.
    • Design and construct halotherapy clinics
    • Design, produce and import all salt therapy equipment specially halogenerators.